What is the best time to start my homeschool each day? How long should it last? 

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Homeschool parents have the liberty to choose the schedule that works best for their family. With that being said, Interfaith Academy suggests that parents keep the standard or "normal" school day hours that public schools students in their state keep.  Each state's policies are different. However in Alabama, for example, the state's requirement for all students is 6 hours (refers to instructional hours only excluding lunch, recess, etc). Even if you live in a state other than Alabama, we have found that maintaining school hours with 6 hours of instructional time between 8 am -3 pm is very effective.  Maintaining regular school hours adds to the stability and discipline for your students both in and out of the classroom. Keeping normal school hours provides the structure necessary for a student to maintain an overall positive learning experience.

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