About Dr. Latricia Hoffman

About Dr. Latricia L. Hoffman

Dr. Latricia Hoffman, alongside of her husband, Apostle Dr. Ludie Hoffman are the founders of Foundations of Faith Missions International. As spiritual leaders, they have been forerunners in teaching men, women, and youth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As life changing conference speakers and highly effective in leadership training, the Hoffmans are known for their practical approach to the Bible and have encouraged many to fulfill God's call for their lives.

Dr. Latricia Hoffman, in addition to faithfully serving the local community also serves many people around the world via the internet through her ministry, music and blogs.  She is one who has received the grace and wisdom of God to teach the gospel message of faith in Christ, to train women to be better mothers, wives, and servants of the Lord. 

Dr. Latricia Hoffman is an integral part of Foundations of Faith Ministries International, as her responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • overseeing the Women's Ministry (Women of Excellence),
  • the Music Ministry,
  • the Prayer Ministry,
  • Director of Interfaith Academy
  • and the various facets of Children's Ministry (which include the dance and puppetry team.)

She is a graduate of Interfaith University where she has achieved the following credential of

  • Doctorate of Christian Education

Happily married to Apostle Dr. Ludie Hoffman for the past 30 years and counting, Dr. Latricia is well noted for her life of dedication to her husband, family, and the Kingdom of God.

As an exceptional home educator, their children have successfully graduated high school between the ages of fifteen-sixteen years old; as well as many continuing a very successful college education.  As a result of her efforts in home education and background in early childhood education, she and her husband through prayer established Interfaith Academy (www.InterAcademy.net), an online school and educational resource for students in grades 3-10; also specializing in ACT Preparation. 

Dr. Latricia is the Director of Academics for Interfaith Academy and she oversees the development of quality student curricula.

 As an anointed singer, songwriter, author, business woman, teacher and preacher of the Gospel, she has contributed greatly to thousands of lives and is a tremendous blessing!

She has written several books that prove to be practical guides for those who desire to operate in the anointing of excellence.  Her ministry reaches those that strive to be highly effective in ministry, motherhood, and marriage.

As a powerful conference speaker, Dr. Latricia hosts retreats for women who need to get away, get a word from God, get a makeover, and simply relax.

 But above all, she is committed to the overall progression of the family.

The Hoffmans have five beautiful biological children: Tiffany Michelle, David Jeremiah, Victoria Renee, Zoe Marie, and Anna Nichole; as well as, two god daughters, Danielle and Tiffany;  All of whom work closely in ministry.