Handwriting Workbook Grade 1
Handwriting Workbook Grade 1
Handwriting Workbook Grade 1
Handwriting Workbook Grade 1
Concerned Communications

Handwriting Workbook Grade 1

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Author: A Reason For

Brand: Concerned Communications

Edition: Workbook


  • 1st Grade Handwriting
  • Scripture Based
  • Daily Practice

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 160

Release Date: 01-05-2001

Details: Fun and Effective Writing Workbooks for First Graders – 50+ targeted lessons to build the foundation A Reason For Handwriting offers helpful and insightful handwriting practice workbooks for kids of all ages. Level A is specifically tailored for students in 1st Grade. The A Reason For Handwriting Writing Workbook Level A first grade workbook includes 58 writing and learning lessons. Our softcover 1st grade workbooks are 160 pages in length and are full of fun and colorful teaching graphics. Each specifically tailored lesson provides an additional 10-15 minutes of additional daily practice. A Reason For structures the curriculum with care and intentionality. A Reason For Handwriting Writing Workbook Level A, Grade 1 offers:  ✔ Proven 1st Grade Workbooks - A Reason For workbooks sharpens your child's writing skills ✔ 50+ Targeted Handwriting Lessons - 58 lesson plans full of fun handwriting tips & tricks ✔ Scripture Handwriting Practice - Each lesson includes learning scripture through practicing writing The study is broken down into 5 days. Days 1-3 in our handwriting practice books for kids include writing practice with specific theme scripture on the week. The aim of these days is to improve muscle memory. Day 4 in our handwriting book test the skills consolidated from the prior 3 days. On the final day, students select a Border Sheet from the back of the 1st grade writing workbook and write the week's Scripture verse in their best handwriting. Your student then uses their creativity to color the design on their Border Sheet. They can then give away their Border Sheet to friends and family.  When children spend the week working on a specific verse, that Scripture becomes locked in their memories for a lifetime!  A Reason For Handwriting provides a fun, meaningful approach to developing effective handwriting skills

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